Favorite Scary/Creepy/Halloween related book?


I’m getting a head start on selecting my October reads and Halloween is basically the theme I’m going for, so I was looking for some recommendations from you guys. I’ve already chosen Asylum by Madeleine Roux and The Witch’s Daughter by Paula Brackston but I need some more ideas. :D

It’s not exactly challenging reading but you can’t get much more Halloween related than The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury. There’s also the Scary Godmother series, Witches on the Road Tonight by Sheri Holman, and that’s all I got at the moment.



Women, you are by no means obligated to join the feminist movement. What feminists are doing today is nothing compared to the real triumphs of feminism in the past. Do not let feminists bully you into joining.

The feminist movement has had a recognizable three stages so far. First wave feminism…

Fan Theory

I’m going to just do an out there guess. The theme of all three seasons has been that Korra is going to be the last Avatar. Every villain so far has sought to destroy the Avatar. I’m guessing that the end of Book 4, Korra will be the last Avatar. Hers is the legend of how she created a world that didn’t need an Avatar. If that’s how it ends, I’ll seriously be so pleased. Especially if she dies in the process. It would be so incredible.







also confirming what I have dreaded to believe: the “women in games” community is absolutely goddamn frightful.

what could have been a valuable community within the mostly-male games industry has been confirmed time and time again to be this horrible snowballing sjw-buzzword-spewing black hole…

Hey, reasonable ladies who see through bullshit like this are welcome to take part in the gaming community any day of the week, in any capacity they choose. We do have inequality issues, and we need reasonable, intelligent women to help us solve them.

ugh, I know, I know. That’s the worst part…,why aren’t the reasonable, intelligent women showing up?

Why are we hanging back in apathy while we let clowns like Anita Sarkeesian run the show? Why do women in the industry feel this obligation to defend “one of their own” when the woman in question, like Zoe, is a pretty reprehensible person? Why do intelligent, level-headed women absolutely lose their shits over something as stupid and trivial as boobs in Dragon’s Crown - a shitstorm which was, by the way, started entirely by a MALE Kotaku “writer”? Where were the knowledgeable women in the industry when the AC:U thing broke loose, the ones who could play devils advocate and show how the industry thinks and why it makes the unfortunate choices that it does, instead of tweeting cutesy snide one-liners in the pointless #womenaretoohardtoanimate tag like a bunch of tumblr children? (news flash: sexism in the industry is insidious, it’s treated as a necessary evil at best, IT CANNOT BE PREACHED AT, IT NEEDS TO BE ENGAGED ON ITS OWN LEVEL IF WE WANT TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT)

so where are the women the industry SHOULD be listening to. They’re not showing up. God knows I’m not showing up. I don’t want to show up, when the discussion of gender in gaming has become a toxic battlefield. And frankly, I’m ashamed of myself. Ashamed of all the other women in games for being complacent in letting the Sarkeesians of the world fight our battle for us, and EXTREMELY ashamed of Anita and her ilk, the hair-triggered, vindictive, useless harpies that they are. Gugggghhhhh.

The best way to combat sexism in gaming I think, anyway, is something Sarkeesian and her ilk are incapable of. Creating games with strong female protagonists who can do everything their male counterparts can do and more. Nothing will change people’s minds about women like great games starring them.

I like your tag, by the way, you cheeky person you. ;)

Suckeesian can’t do jack shit but steal tvtropes essays, Lets Play video footage, and gullible people’s money. I really don’t know why the women who actually work in games haven’t tossed her out on her ass, but then i guess we go full circle and get sad about “WHERE HAVE ALL THE GOOD WOMEN GONE” all over again. fuuuuuuuuck

whatever man. this whole era of disappointing female role models in the industry will blow over, and in the meantime let’s just make and play cool games, many of which have cool women, praise the guys and gals who are doing it right and laugh at the dumb gender crusaders on both sides.

and eat Five Guys.

…they do wieners too yanno

That sounds pretty much perfect, if you ask me.